About Us

We are a small team of developers who met through University that over the years have made some odd and fun games for Game Jams like the Global Game Jam, Indie Speed Run and TIGA Game Hack. Game Jams are typically short (24 to 48 hour) events in which a unique theme is proposed and then each team has to make a game within the time limit, this is then presented afterwards.

We aren’t your normal run of the mill games developer, this is a passion, a hobby and although we all work in software development, our normal jobs are far from making games like the ones you’ll find here. We specialize in random here, with games that have seemingly meaningless titles because after two days someone asked “What shall we call it, we need a name?” and the usual response of “I Don’t Know” was taken seriously, bad enough this happened more than once.

We like to think we bring something unique and different to the market, not fancy graphics but simple games with lovable characters, original twists and complete randomness.